Pepper Tharp Illustration | Ink, Logos & Book Covers

This Portfolio Gallery features the dynamic quality of line & wash, pen & ink in Pepper's seductive branding illustrations from dip-dyed india inks for a Vera Wang label to the shophisticated pen ink, with coonfidant and bold bruch strokes that flourish 'nuevo french' textile design used in wall coverings, murals and home decor. You'll find an array of clever logos and book cover designs for major publishers such as Rodale, St. Martin's Press, Bloomburg UK.

Pepper Tharp's masterful use of line, wash and ink creates a visual language so impactful that your Brand is ensured to stand the test of time and grows within the rapidly evolving and competitive global market. Tharp's line & wash fashion sketches for major retail clients have been the hero of many successful advertising campaigns. She is well-known for her many savvy book covers, Bloomsbury Publishing, Rodale, Inc., St. Martin's Press, Penguin Putnam, etc.